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Earn your worth

Your entrepreneurial journey starts here!

Eduk8me is the world’s 1st tutorial marketplace that enables students to search for tutors across the globe with shared ratings and reviews from parents and other students.

This platform enables the tutors to do away with the constraints of their geographical location to attract students for their services from across the globe and gives them a global marketplace to participate in. The platform helps you with multiple tools to run your own successful tutoring business and is constantly working towards increasing your earnings. While RIO analytics helps you maximize the sale of your services, the “my earnings” tool helps you manage your earnings on the platform. Sign up today and become a global tutor with Eduk8me and take the power back in your hands!


To leverage Eduk8me:


  • Complete and regularly update your profile.

  • Adjust your booking rates regularly with the help of RIO  Analytics to ensure the maximization of uptake of your services.

  • Request for feedback and ratings from students and parents after the completion of each session.

  • Be professional during all sessions and do not share any private information including your email, phone number, location, etc.

  • Follow best practices tutorial for tutors by clicking on the link below.  

RIO Analytics

Rate Intelligence & Orchestration is a cumulation of 40+ years of business and technology expertise by Harvard Business School alumni backed by over 200 years of education expertise by the leaders in the industry.

Our paramount service promise remains the delivery of a secure and conducive learning environment for our children. To this end; Eduk8me utilizes a combination of automated machine-driven monitoring coupled with necessary human review processes.


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