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Students & Parents
Accelerate your learning journey


Eduk8me is the world’s 1st tutorial marketplace that allows you or your child to accelerate your learning journey by connecting with the largest community of professional tutors on the friendliest, most reliable platform.

Search for the most qualified tutors from across the globe that match your child's learning needs with shared ratings and reviews from other parents and students. 

The power of choice is now with you!

Eduk8me is the world’s first tutorial marketplace that gives the parents access to tutors from across the globe. Now the ease of booking a tutor that meets your child’s learning needs is as easy as ABC…

Transparent rating & feedback from other students and parents helps you make the right choice.
Join our platform today and create a personalized model of one-on one tutoring for any subject of any grade from our choice of 4 specialized curriculums (CBSE, ICSE, IB & British). You can choose tutors based on your personal criteria – rate, educational background, years of experience or even ratings by other students/parents. Choose your own tutor, set your own timetable and start learning because the power of choice is now with you!

The platform also continuously monitors every delivered session through a combination of automated machine-driven monitoring coupled with necessary human review processes in order to ensure quality of service delivery and a secure environment. 

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