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Our Story
The journey to disrupting an industry

Eduk8me strives to morph the private tutorial marketplace into a global phenomenon thereby giving students access to the best tutors irrespective of geographical location while giving the tutors access to a global marketplace of students and parents looking for their services.


Eduk8me is the world’s 1st tutorial marketplace which strives to consolidate a highly fragmented market of private tuitions. Traditionally, parents and students have relied on their social network to hire tutors. Geographical and financial limitations along with limited choices has put a strain on availability of best-fit quality education for children across the globe. Eduk8me is a platform that helps to connect students with professional and qualified tutors.  A student can now choose a suitable tutor according to their learning needs and get help anywhere, anytime!


The platform orchestrates sales of tutorial services through a system of ratings of tutor services, feedback and reviews from students and parents that have availed their services thereby transparently presenting tangible data for an informed selection by parents & students. 

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Meet The Founders

The founders of Eduk8me are a dynamic mother-daughter duo; one is a Harvard Business School alumni and the latter a 12-year-old technocrat in-the-making. Their Eduk8me journey started with a 10-year-old Rhea (Rio at home!) demanding support for Math. As the duo went through the process of identifying a tutor, they realized that the options available to them was severely limited by locality and information of quality of service as perceived by a handful of other mothers all concentrated in the immediate region of the tutors’ service location.

Just like her mother, Rhea has ambitions of making it to HBS one day – to the 12-year-old child that meant being able to identify the right tutor that would understand her unique learning style and help her accelerate her learning to the pinnacle of academic excellence.


To Geetika and Rhea, this experience presented them with an opportunity to solve 2 fundamental societal issues; one from each of their perspectives. Rhea saw this as an opportunity to create a community that enables students to identify and access the best tutors that match their learning styles globally rather than limited by geographical constraints. Geetika saw this as an opportunity to disrupt an industry that has historically not been financially fair with the providers of the service. You can see these 2 disparate thought processes congruently reflected in the way the platform and the service has been architected!


The pandemic gave the mother-daughter duo an opportunity to distill their thoughts and develop the Eduk8me Platform and the RIO Analytics engine. While we do not know this for a fact, this potentially makes Rhea one of the youngest founders in this space – a fantastic example of ingenuity and creativity by a child driven to see the results of her thought processes in the real world.

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